Having worked with hundreds of new business owners, we recognize that it is difficult for you to let someone else do things in relation to your baby (new business). But, also because we have worked with hundreds of new business owners, we can confidently tell you that all of them needed help and most were just afraid of the cost and the lack of control.

So, we have built a team of highly capable Virtual Assistants who can quickly handle your administrative work, social media postings, website updates, research and other important tasks that can be handled remotely.

We have made the process simple.  Purchase buckets of hours in advance. By purchasing hours, you are assigned a Virtual Assistant.  You can use all your hours on one project or use them as needed.  The hours don’t expire. If you need different assistants with different skill sets, no problem.  You can split your hours as needed.

To get started, simply purchase your hours below and submit your contact information. Your Administrative Assistant will contact you via email to discuss the details of your administrative assignment.


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